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What Is Sykotic?

Sykotic is a Lifestyle/Street Wear brand that established in Melbourne, Australia 2015.

The concept of it was born many years ago, but as everybody knows, goals aren't achieved over night!

It's sole owner wanted to combine all her passions and combine them and turn it into a public statement, an apparel label. Something that can be passed on, enjoyed and admired by others.

Something to represent the brand, with great passion behind it.

Great care has been taken in making every garment and accessory, and extensive testing has been undertaken for years road testing all products to make sure they meet a satisfactory level.

Majority of our garments and accessories are printed in Melbourne.

Our range is available world-wide! We wouldn't want anyone missing out on our goodies.

We will have more to offer in the not too distant future.  So keep checking back for new rad products!

Thank you for your support, as without it, we cannot continue to grow!